Pantanal Restaurant

Best brazilian BBQ in the region
Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner

Direct from the Southern Brazilian high plains comes a centuries-old way of cooking, where gauchos spit-roasted large portions of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry over the glowing coals of open fire pits, preserving the meats’ natural juices and rich flavors. Soon, brick grills replaced pit fires, and the Churrascaria, the house of barbecue, became the gathering place for feasting and friendship. Enjoy the sumptuous taste of this rich dining tradition at Pantanal, where feast and festivity come together to delight all the senses. Experience attentive service in the “Rodizio” (continuous) style, as our warm and spirited, gaucho-attired waiters move from table to table with skewers of succulent meats, carving up to 8 different cuts for hungry, happy guests. We roast our meats to Churrasco perfection in our custom-designed, 100% wood charcoal grill, and season with rock salt to enhance their individual flavors.

  • 215 Frank Street, Bridgeport, CT, United States